Sunday, September 5, 2010

9/5 Expressions

We celebrated labor day early and had a bbq today.  We used what we had on hand and dessert was provided by my dad.  I took advantage of Labor Day Sales and ordered a sofa sleeper - for the second time - knock on wood - hope it goes through.  I went through mypoints to JCPenneys and ordered one to be delivered.  A bit disappointed that the free shipping did not apply - but, still, I feel it was a good deal.  It is faux leather, queen, so, I am thinking more durable and it will be easy to match a chair later.  We can hang on to the one we have for now.  I used my American Airlines Business Credit Card - so, I have met the requirements for the 50,000 air miles.  I will make sure all goes well with the order, that the miles get credited and then probably cancel the card.  We have lots of leftovers, so, I don't plan on cooking much this week.  I am going to work on revamping my resume this weekend as job that pays better and probably less stressful has opened up - what could be better than that :)


Roxy Hawk said...

I love how easy every article flows together!! Very nice.

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