Saturday, September 25, 2010

9/25 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  This has been a "winning" 24 hours for me :)  I won a pair of concert tickets - so, we are going to try to make a weekend of it during that week.  I also cashed in some swagbucks for a $5 AMAZON gift card.  Yesterday, I did the deal on the Bamboo website - posted just about everywhere - and got 3 Bamboo cutting boards for under $7 shipped.  I plan to keep one, use one at the condo, and give one away.  I also found another $10 off JCP code.  I went through mypoints and ordered 2 "quilted" King Sized Shams - "regular" price $55 each - got them for under $10 shipped - they will go to the condo when we do the annual "update"/maintenance. They will add a nice touch.  Oh - and no jinxing - but the stock market was very nice to me yesterday :)  Still below highs of 3 years ago - but maybe within sriking distance.  And my daughter wants to use "her" money tomorrow to get a pair of jeans at the GAP today only between 12-3 PM - 50% off if we say "FLASH" at check-out.

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