Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/23 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I noticed a lot of complaints about the GCCF reducing claims substantially - that was not my case.  Mine was reduced less than 1.5% - but I submitted 69 pages of documentation.  BP paid 45% and were really slow.  I think GCCF's mistake was publishing such short timelines in the beginning.  Believe me, the longer it dragged past the published dates - I expected the worst - more of the same of BP.  So, while I was not happy about the time it took, I was happy with the results in the end.  I got the diamond pendant from JCP.  It was sent by Fed-ex and it comes with a thin silver chain (I was not expecting that) - so, I am extremely please with and know my daughter will be too.  I received coupons to receive a free pr of panties from Victoria's Secret.  I was going to say the stock market looks like it was headed in the right direction - but must have jinxed it again ;(  The rental agent said she has a potential renter for the house that is being vacated by the divorcing couple.  So far, the IRS has not cashed the check I sent - I am sure it will be soon.  Have started receiving property tax statements.

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