Thursday, September 30, 2010

9/30 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  Tonight I attended the free Martha Stewart class at the Home Depot.  We were given organizers, a booklet, and 20 cokerewards points.  I had 10 points in my account, so plus the 20 points gave me enough to order another coupon for a free 20 oz drink.  Yesterday at work, there was a work function and a local business provided a nice, healthy free lunch and drink, and lots of other sponsors provided freebies.  I am "off" tomorrow, so, I will organize my coupons/deals and go grocery shopping in the morning.  Saturday, our town is having a street festival - so, we may attend that.  I also scrounged around the house and found all the supplies necessary to upcycle the flipflops I purchased for .75.  I was inspired by a design I found on a craft blog.  So, that and finishing off two pair of knitted slippers tomorrow - and may be a bit of deep cleaning should keep me plenty busy - after a I sleep in a bit :)  Oh, and good today only, I used the code WOW for 90% off and went thru mypoints and ordered 2 more $25 off gift certificates at - they were $1 each.

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