Monday, June 25, 2012

6/25 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  On the personal finance front, the tax assessor heard the protest of 31 of the 73 owners of our beach property.  We should be getting a decision in a month or so of his decision - hopefully, reducing the value - and thus our property tax on that property.  As for the foreclosure property we bought last year, the tax assessor will listen to all of the reasons my husband and I think that it's tax value should be dropped way more than she originally suggested.  Next up, we are in a bit of a tiff with our insurance company.  Seems they want to offload us for our primary residence - but keep all of our other business - rental property, cars, life, etc.  We aren't taking this lightly as I am sure the attorney general will be interested as the insurance commissioner - seems we had a few too many weather related claims - sorry - but that is what insurance is for - and we cannot control climate mishaps.  Although we have been a customer with them since the late '80's, "the house" has always "won".  Now that one property in the last 5 years burned up more in claims than they made on that policy - they want to cancel it - is unacceptable.  So, I plan to call tomorrow - my husband - the nice guy called twice . . . now, its the meanie's turn.  When we returned from our trip - we mostly had a dearth of junk mail.  But, we had a few nice freebies - and a .16 dividend check from Wendy's.  I will try not to spend it all in one place - har, har.  Oh, and whilst I was away, the team I work won a semi-annual award - and we each were given credit to take 2 days off . . . times sure have changed.  It used to be $.  But, I would appreciate the time more than the $.  Time to kick-up our frugalness - this is the last month for us to save toward a used car for my daughter.  We have made great progress - and hopefully, she find a great reliable car that she is also happy with - and of course, fits her budget.  We are teaching her to buy a car with cash - if you don't want to fork over the cash for, she probably should not be buying it.  Hope the lesson sticks.  Oh, and did I mention that I find the British method of marketing magazines addictive?  They have "goodies" in some of the magazines.  I purchased a knitting/crocheting magazine for 2.99 lbs - and it had 2 skeins? of yarn in 2 pretty colors, a crochet needle - and instructions on how to make a cute pillow.  My daughter got one with sunglasses - and another with a Benefit cosmetic product.  Just facinating :)

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