Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6/26 Expressions Happy Birthday to my dear husband edition :)

Frugal deeds for the day:  I called the insurance company and got an agent that seems very inexperienced.  I couldn't make any headway with him - so, I asked for his name and told him I was planning to e-mail the CEO, the State Attorney General and the Insurance Commissioner that he told me there was nothing else I could do - but take my business elsewhere for that 1 property.  He seemed a bit hesistant when I said I planned to move all my business - remember - we have primary properties, rental properties, cars, etc.  Okay, doofus said it was a waste of my time to move everything - he must think I am unaware that usually, insurance companies offer discounts when you insure multiple properties/cars with them.  So, while taking down and getting the spelling of his name - good thing I was calm as it was too early in the a.m. to get too worked up - he said - well, I can transfer you to the Executive Resolution team.  I said I would like to speak with them - then he told me they weren't available - but he could transfer me to an affiliated insurance company for that one property.  I told him to go ahead and get me a quote - he said I had to stay on the line - the doofus transferred me - and the insurance company said they don't insure primary residences in my state - uh, by now, I am a bit annoyed and the agent transfers me back to my insurance company and doofus is no longer available - so, kind lady on the line offers to transfer me to the Executive Resolution Department - and long story short - he is going to ask them to reconsider and promises to get back with me tomorrow.  So, hopefully, everything will be satisfactory tomorrow - otherwise - I will have to draft the promised e-mail and fire it off.  As for nice freebies, someone at work has left mint for the taking.  I got a large bag of it and plan to make a facial scrub with it.  But, I have also put a few sprigs in a vase at work on a window sill and hope that it will root.  I understand that mint is a weed - so, I am hoping a few will multiply in the weedy area of our backyard to grow a weed that is useful.  I may try to make mint jelly, etc.  My daughter made some awesome Baklava today - and since she has Phyllo dough sheets left - we are having spinach pie for lunch tomorrow.  I got up early today and walked - free exercise.  I saved tub water and watered the plants outside just a few moments ago.  Now, I will use the homemade enzyme cleaner and clean out the tub.  I polished my nails at lunch.    These are my frugal deeds for the day.  My daughter bathed the dog - saved us some pet grooming $.

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