Monday, February 18, 2013

2/18 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I am "off" today and I had many good intentions.  Sadly, a cold, or something along those lines has set in.  Good thing I have a few cold remedies I got "free" after ECB or some sort.  Throat losenges are comforting right now.  Yesterday, I started sewing on the quilt I am making for my father - 1/3 finished with the sewing - I am hoping to make more progress today.  I planned to go to yoga this morning, but decided to rest instead.  I went yesterday evening and the humidity in the room actually made it easier to breath - so, I may try for a later time today.  I wanted to stop at the library to check-out a book - but they are observing President's Day.  So, I took my Lean Cusine coupons and stopped at Wal-Mart - I finally had enough points to redeem for a nice lunch bag and kitchen towel and scrubbie.  I sold 1 item on ebay last night and have 1 more item listed.  Looks like property values are rising as a neighbor just listed their house for a decent price.  I will keep my eyes open to see how long it takes to sell.  We may try to sell our's this summer, if not, next summer for sure.

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