Sunday, February 24, 2013

2/24 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Next month is my birthday month - and coupons have already started rolling in.  DSW sent me a $5 off coupon - and my daughter and I went to check-out the clearance section - my daughter found a pair of Madden Girl shoes on 80% off clearance - and with my $5 off, she got a really cute pair of shoes for under $4 including tax.  Then to Victoria's Secret - who sent me a $10 coupon.  We also had one for a free pair of panties.  So, my daughter found a really cute sweatshirt on clearance - with the coupon, she got the panties and sweatshirt for $11.  And, since I used my VS card, they gave me a secret angel card (worth a minimum of $10) early for spending more than $10.  Then to Kroger, got another Dolce Gusto pod box, and entered the code, and redeemed for a free box that will come in the mail.  I forced myself to go to hot yoga - even though I have been under the weather.  Breathing in the humid air did me good - and I actually feel a bit better.  I had a low savings goal this month - after the disasterous January - that we save a big goose egg.  I am happy to report that I made the goal.  I even deposited some change, small rebate checks, etc. to get there - but get there we did.  I sure hope we go a bit better next month.  I have decided to lower my expectations - and make a yearly goal - instead of monthly - and hopefully be happily surprised at the end of the year.  Oh, and on the way home, we again enjoyed a small iced coffee at BK - just .25 plus tax until March the 10th.

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