Friday, October 1, 2010

10/1 Expressions

As a coupon shopper/deal finder - it helps to be patient and not take things too seriously.  This morning, I got great deals on my groceries - I stopped at 3 stores in a circuit.  That Dollar General $5/$25 coupon was accepted by Publix - so, I did really well there.  However, I was hoping to get in on a few deals - the Hallmark Gold Crown - "Free Freaky Friday" deal - right next to Kroger - wouldn't you know it - our store is not participating - so, no freebie there.  Then I read I could use the the $1 off Nescafe Taster's Choice coupons at CVS and get the small box of individual servings - nope, mine doesn't carry it.  I thought they would be nice to keep in my desk drawer for those days that I really wanted a cup of joe.  I normally drink a brewed cup at home and none at work.  Well, I found them at Publix - but they weren't $1 a box, they were $1.39 - but that $5/$25 Dollar General Match more than makes up for it.  This fall weather sure makes things seem more tolerable.

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