Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More 10/12 Expressions

Murphy USA sent me another e-mail/coupon for a free King Sized candy bar - I believe I love this company :)  I checked my retirement account - I am slightly above my "high" in 2007 - which makes me hopeful.  Uh yes, I realize that means I am still "behind" - as I have been contributing since 2007 and have been getting contributions - so, it has taken just over 3 years to recover . . . And, I checked on my sofa sleeper from J C Penney.  Sad to say, there was a glitch in my order - not cancelled like Target - but something like they were suppose to immediately verify something with my credit card company - and they didn't - until I called because I am paranoid and the couch was suppose to ship yesterday.  But, they were much more customer service oriented than Target.  They said they will open a "case" and either give me compensation or somehow expedite shipping - because as it stands now - under normal procedures - the company "just got my order today" - instead of a month ago - and has 4 weeks to ship it . . . my dilemma - I put this order on that credit card whereby I am suppose to charge $750 in x number of days and will get 50,000 air miles (that I am planning to use for a trip to France next summer) . . . so, I will check those details out tomorrow - and if nothing else, I will charge the least expensive property tax on my card early.  It is worth the flight to France to me.  I asked if they could charge my card today - nope - charges hit when the item actually ships - which under normal circumstances would be my wish - sigh.

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