Monday, October 25, 2010

More 10/25 Expressions

We got the $150 Visa card for buying our refridgerator a couple of months back.  Part of it was luck and part of it was over-coming a bit of laziness.  When the State announced the rebates - I reserved a rebate.  Well, sales came and went and my fridge had not actually quit.  So, then it was announced how the program was a success - and it was over.  Then our fridge did finally give-out, and we bought a new one - good thing it was during a holiday sale - so, we got a great price anyway, and a rebate on the delivery/pick-up.  Then I read about once all of the claims were processed, there was money left as many people (me included) had not followed through.  So, with a few pieces of paper, envelope and stamp - we filed for our rebate - and we are happy to report - we got it today!  The UPS guy also rang the door bell - he brought me the 3 bamboo cutting boards that gave the $15 credit - I think I spent just over $6 for the 3.  They are nice and I appreciate it.  But, shipping/receiving seemed kind of slow . . . I wanted to take the largest one to the condo.  We aren't planning on going down anytime soon - may be we will change our minds.

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