Saturday, October 30, 2010

10/30 Expressions

Last night, I stopped at Rite Aid to purchase the 3 12 Pack of Pepsi for 8.XX and get a $2 UP coupon.  With the UP $, I planned to add to my Halloween candy stash - 2 more $1 packs of 8 candy bars.  The $2 UP did not print, but the manager was kind enough to adjust the price of my candy to free :)  My husband just stopped by the feed store to get the free Nutra dog food.  The stuff is normally $13.XX - a very freebie indeed.  He and my daughter will use up the rest of the used book store credit this afternoon.  My daughter and I each have the Bath & Body Works coupon for a free full sized lotion with any purchase and one for any lip item with any purchase.  Normally we purchased the $1 gift bags, but recently, we have been able to get travel sized lotions for $1.  We may stop there and their sister store, Victoria's Secret because we also have free panty coupon.  I used a bunch of coupons on my groceries and mailed in for a $10 rebate - so, I stayed within my budget.  The weather has cooled.  This morning was the first in which we turned the heat on.  Tomorrow is Halloween here.

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