Friday, October 22, 2010

10/22 Expressions

This week I feel like a money magnet :)  The realtor called, she has approved new tenants for the house vacated by the divorced couple - so, we are "out" less than a month's rent - since the couple moved out late and were paying a daily rate.  UPS just brought me the $200 Petsmart giftcard for buying our Honda Element - good thing I looked on-line for that one because the dealer did not mention it.  Then, as I was leaving work today, I was notified that I was approved for a small bonus.  The mail box held a few goodies for me too:  Johnsonville Sausage samples, a coupon for free 20 oz Pepsi, and a coupon for a free can of Pringles Exreme.  What didn't work this week - yesterday I tired to use the $5/$25 Dollar General coupon at Publix because we have a Dollar General Market down the street - Publix claims they are not a competitor because the Market does not provide custom meat packages - a bit hokie for me - but I went with it.  I still saved quite a bit with coupons. 

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