Monday, October 18, 2010

10/18 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  last week JCPenny finally acknowledged that they had converted computer systems - and some how - my sofa sleeper order was cancelled.  They took $200 off my order - much apprciated - and said they would do all that they could do to expedite the order.  I see the $200 off - but don't see any "expediting" yet.  This past weekend - we went to two concerts - Friday, Bon Jovi, and Sunday, Brad Paisley.  I won tickets to Brad Paisley - we rented someone else's condo to get Bon Jovi tickets.  The whole point was to stimulate the economy - and I guess we did - frugally.  One night, we used hotel points though.  In any event, it was a wash financially for us, since our unit was booked by someone else too.  We used several of the gift certificates.  We stopped at the gift store for a couple of gifts - one for grandpa for babysitting the dog - we got BOGO sweatshirts - and they gave us 2 small token gifts too.  We saw the big boats - but did not watch the "Thunder on the Gulf" races.  Since we don't have cable at home - I did watch some reality tv.  I was also able to knit another pair of slippers on the trip.  Came home to a bunch of mail.  The realtor called and she thinks she has a tenant lined up for the house recently vacated by the soon to be divorced couple.  Looks like the stock market behaved too.  Oh, and I ordered a 1/2 priced gift certificate to a restaurant - and I got it in the mail.  We will be taking Grandpa to enjoy their version of Octoberfest - live German music, etc, in addition to the authentic food next weekend.

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