Monday, January 10, 2011

1/10 Expressions

We were snowed in today and probably tomorrow too.  Nice and peaceful day.  I got some old sewing projects done!  As for groceries - used up stuff - made smoothies for breakfast to use up frozen bananas, tangerines, etc.  Had a bag of bone-less/skin-less chicken breasts - ended up browning some in olive oil/garlic/herbs and adding to some leftover angel hair pasta.  The rest of the breasts were coated in a bit of leftover cracker crumbs/herbs, etc and baked along with 2 pumpkin pies (found another puree pack in the freezer) and we still had some crust.  For dessert after dinner - blackberry crepes (I have lots of eggs and the blackberries were frozen when they were on sale for .99/carton.  Got some paperwork done.  Went through some "old" clothes and found a few things I want to wear again.  Responded to a freecycle ad - and it looks like we may be getting 2 suitcases - my husband travels a lot and our's have taken a beating.  Even the set he bought last year is starting to look rough.  So, these are suppose to be in excellent condition - great for that frugal trip we want to take this summer to France.  Tomorrow, I plan to do some more things I have been putting off.  Oh, I found a wonderful dining room set on Craigslist - I hope to look at this weekend - supposedly $4,000 new - for sale for $300.  Sadly, it has been "painted/antiqued" and the seat covers are not my taste.  So, I am hoping to try my hand at stripping the paint off and changing the seat covers to make it look better.  We also asked for delivery - so, it may be more than $300. 

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