Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/9 Expressions

We are suppose to get snow this evening.  If tomorrow ends up being a "stay home" day - I have several sewing projects I'd like to finish.  I didn't make the cookies yesterday - today will be a better day since the temperature is suppose to really drop.  We got some nice coupons in the paper today - nice way to start the year off :)  Anyway, at Rite Aid, I was able to buy 4 boxes of Special K cereal and 2 packages of Stayfree products - and ended up paying tax only for 1 on sale Stayfree of $2.50 plus tax.  I used 2 BOGO coupons for the cereal (which was on BOGO sale) and Stayfree BOGO coupon.  The nice thing is, I got $6 back in UP rewards (coupons I can use on anything :)  Then to CVS - got the candies that were "free" after ECB, of course 6 12 packs of Pepsi for the addict in the family - 6 packs for $20 - get $10 ecb.  I did 3 different transactions to "roll" as many ecbs as I could.  Nice store because the cashier was very friendly.  I get paid Thursday - and I checked on my paycheck - the reduction in Social Security has kicked in, I reduced my Health Saver's amount slightly - which should kick in next paycheck.  However, I increased my 401K equivalent deduction to max out - so, it will be interesting too what the net effect will be. 

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