Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/12 Expressions

We stayed in yesterday due to inclement weather conditons.  We got some house cleaning done; craft projects done; and I got a lot of cooking in.  I made more turkey/veggie soup with the other half of the turkey carcass, etc.  My daughter is "off" tomorrow too.  I worked 1/2 a day today.  I picked up the 2 suit cases from the freecycler - and they were in excellent condition :)  After not getting mail for 2 days, we got mail today.  Nothing too exciting, but I did discover a bank error that netted me $50.XX.  While it was nice to stay in and catch-up on a few things, I was starting to get cabin fever.  I will be looking at the dining room set Saturday morning - from a Craigslist.  If I buy it, it will be my first purchase off of Craigslist.  I asked my husband to take a picture of a few things we should get rid of on Craigslist too.  Tax statements are coming in.  The stock market performed well last year.  On days like this, I feel a twinge for having changed our retirement "mix" to be more conservative.  But the 3 previous days - I did not have a pit in my stomach.  We invested in stocks outside of our retirement accounts, so, I still get a thrill when the market has a nice uptick.  This weekend we may visit Plato's Closet on my daughter's behalf.  In not so great financial news, my daughter has 2 overdue books from the library - of course they are closed . . . so, it is costing her $1 per day that they are late.  I have been thinking of ways to stretch my $50 Giftcard that I am using for food/groceries.  I have noticed more and more printable rebate forms are becoming available.  Matching a coupon, paying with ECBs or UP rewards can stretch the buck a bit further.

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