Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7 Expressions

Happy New Year!  My first post of the year.  Also a first - we sold an item off of craigslist - decluttered and made a bit of cash.  Today, I am "off" but had to drive my daughter to school for a club meeting.  Then went to the gym, then Kroger.  I lucked out on "Manager's" specials.  We love hummus - Athenos brand was marked .99 each - and they had a coupon for a free Athenos Greek Yogurt.  Sadly, Kroger doesn't appear to carry the yogurt.  No matter, I believe Wal-mart does - so, next time we buy hummus there - we can get the yogurt.  I am going get in gear in a few minutes and do some house cleaning and some major cooking.  The turkey carcass will become turkey/noodle/veggie soup.  Turkey bits - into a large salad.  Free shrimp from Earthfare, free/cheap pasta from Publix will become a batch of shrimp/garlic pasta . . . cook once - and hopefully no more cooking the rest of the weekend.  My husband doesn't know it - but I have a cheap/frugal date planned for tomorrow.  Pick-up our free Chick-fil-A spicy chicken biscuit tomorrow (we have "reservations"), then to Pilot Travel Center to get a free cup of Cappuccino - and gas up since gas is cheaper there (hello $3/gal is almost here already - and it isn't even summer :(    Then stop at Aldi and pick-up their good deals on staples and produce, then to Panera Bakery for a cheap lunch w/the $10 GC I got from mypoints!  All of this is in a circuituous (sp) route to conserve fuel.

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