Saturday, January 29, 2011

1/29 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  We have been getting home mailer coupons for quite a while.  But lately, I have noticed that the coupon deals are really entising.  We have a local diner that sends out coupons for b1g1 free breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I had never considered the place before.  But, my daughter and I went the other day and were pleasantly surprised.  For $5.50 (before tax and no drink), you get a choice of a meat and 2 vegetables and for .25 more, you can add a third veggie.  It also comes with Texas toast.  Even with tip, it is cheaper and healthier than a fast food meal.  The place was clean, and not very busy.  Sure hope they get more customers so the place will thrive.  Today, we are attending a seminar.  Then to Costco for gas and a few groceries.  They have a lot of sampling stations - and they sure are popular.  We hope to stop by Bath & Body Works for their free scented candle for this weekend for Facebook Fans.  I have been visiting the "Y" a little more consistently - and am starting to feel the impact.  Next month I have an appoint with the personal trainer to set-up an exercise program.  This "Y" has gotten popular quite quickly - sure hope they expand as at ":peak" times now - it is tough getting a machine.  Someone said this is the "New Year Resolution Crowd" - give it a month or two and the crowd should dissipate.  I hope not - I hope they expand and the crowd keeps coming for their fitness and the fitness of the center.

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