Saturday, December 1, 2012

12/1 Expressions

I can't believe it is December already.  Believe me, I am ready for it.  Anyway, the dog got groomed with a discounted Petsmart Gift Card.  I sold another book on  I am waiting for my auctions to end on ebay tomorrow and my item on listia.  I also hope to list a few more items too.  We shall see, but I am hoping to get this house declutters and in shape to sell by the summer of 2014.  That seems a long ways away, but in reality, it would probably take that long to get everything in order.   Part way through this month, we will have 2 vacancies.  I am hoping they both get filled quickly.  The attorney filing the BP claim keeps sending me e-mails that he is going to call me shortly - uh, stop e-mailing me that you are going to call - and just e-mail me what you want to tell me.  Is that so hard?  I have been playing with the Rule 72T distribution calculator here:  Why?  Once the house is sold, I am thinking of taking a "deferred" retirement.  So, I can start drawing down my 401K equivalent until I hit my minimum retirement age.

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