Saturday, December 8, 2012

12/8 Expressions

Holiday sights - either the first or second time since we moved here around 6 years ago, our paperwhites have bloomed.  I have a picture - but for some reason, the upload function isn't functioning.  Today we spent most of the morning decluttering - more stuff added to the consignment store box and we have 3 boxes for donations.  Another charitable organization left a note that they will be in the area for pick-up in a week or so - so, we have some time to pack-up a few more boxes.  I also threw out some stuff and found some lost treasures.  Today, we went to Victoria's Secret with 5 $10 off coupons and got some nice things for not very much out of pocket.  We also went to a Thai restaurant with a BOGO coupon and lunches are around $7 - lots of food - so, we brought some home.  The food was very tasty to boot.  also went to Earthfare and picked up coupon items - $1 stocking stuffers - really nice smelling soap, s'mores, etc. and 2 salad packs (4 salads each).  We also took the dog for a nice walk.  It has been an enjoyable day.  Oh, I skipped hot yoga - went to the weight loss center - and met (surpassed) my first goal - so, now I can carry my new purse from Coldwater Creek!  Just tried to upload that picture - and still no luck - sigh!  Uploaded a few items on ebay today too.

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