Friday, December 28, 2012

12/28 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today, I put the donations out for pick-up.  Sure hope they come soon.  Then I crafted the pictured necklace for my daughter.  I saw something similar - less the initial - but, I have costume jewelry I no longer wear.  The initial was purchased from Anthropologie on sale for less than $1.  My daughter loves and hopefully will get some wear out of it.  My junk turned into her treasure.  I printed a few coupons.  I want to organize and automate my breakfasts and lunches for work.  For breakfast, I think a boiled egg and 1 slice of wheat bread w/1 tbsp of natural peanut butter (sold at Aldi) and a salad w/protien for lunch should work.  I am thinking of making the wheat bread w/peanut butter and foldng them over and freezing to save the bread and making it very easy on me to pack.  That may be my project for the day.  Since it is the holiday season,  I want to get some relaxing time in to refresh myself for office work - but getting some home projects done give me a sense of accompishment and a feeling of moving closer to my goal of preparing for my daughter's education and my eventual "retirement".

Added:  although later than stated, the donations got picked up.  My daughter and I went to Earthfare where we each got 2 "deals"  with coupon.  A fillet and lobster tail for $9.  We invited my dad ovr for New Year lunch.  We also stopped at Michael's to pick up fabric dye with the 50% off coupon and gift card.  That was my daughter's purchase - I purchased a Godiva Chocolate bar with the 50% off and gift card - between the two of, we spent less than $4 on the gift card - and the chocolate will be shared by all.  :)  And definitely not cheap - but I got 2 boxes of the Phillips crabcakes for my husband - I printed a $1.50/2 coupon which took some of the sting out of the price - but my husband deserves his favorite treat.  My brother sent my daughter a gift card for Christmas - to the Guitar Center.  So, she and my husband will make a trip next week since they are both home.  I will work 3 out of the 5 days next week at the office :(  As far as freebies with coupons - yesterday, I got 2 dental flosses for free with coupon.  This is not a stock-up for us since it will be used by the three of us rather quickly.  It is nice to go through "stuff" and find useful "stuff".  I am about out of face wash - I found 2 sample packs.  The longer I can hold out, the more stuff I use up and the less stuff I spend $ on.  Of course it would also give me time to get my CVS giftcards too.  I also should order contacts - but I am holding off until 1 January so I can get reimbursed with my health saver's account.  And here's hoping we don't go off the fiscal cliff!

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