Friday, November 12, 2010

11/12 Expressions

My husband drove my daughter to school this a.m. and drove thru Burger King - they both ordered something off the $1 menu and they each got a free Seattle's Best Coffee.  My husband drank his, my daughter's got donated to me.  My daughter, being a teenager, sometimes asks for "Brand Name" stuff.  She used to be anti-thriftstore.  Now, because of the economy and change in attitudes?, she doesn't mind so much.  So, I have purchased several holiday gifts I would have NEVER purchased otherwise at .  Can I say it is for a good cause?  Or is it still bad.  I found something I want and if I win, it will be a gift to me from my husband and daughter :) We plan to watch a free Redbox this evening.  Not much free and exciting going on this weekend.  I guess we could go to the Art Museum and use our membership since there appears to be a new exhibit.  Next week, everything seems to be going on.

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