Friday, November 19, 2010

11/19 Expressions

Frugal Deeds for the week:  Several weeks ago, I took a "Briefing Techniques" class.  We had to prepare a briefing on any topic.  So, I picked "Coupons and Rebates".  I really didn't know how well received it would be since to me, it seems many people feel like admitting to the use of coupons is like admitting to being "poor".  I was surprised when I finished, several people asked for more information - websites to upload e-coupons, where to find rebate forms etc.  Funny though, I ran into a lady in the class in the ladies room - she asked again where to find rebate forms - mainly, I talked about one out now for the $10 off Turkey no minimum purchase required, no beer purchase required - the generous offer is from a beer company - so that's the form everyone is hunting (I stopped at Kroger today - and sure enough  - they still had some and I also found a rebate for $10 back when you buy $50 in gift certificates).  Then she sheepishly said, "I used to use coupons - but, now that I make a lot more money - I quit".  I said, I get an enjoyment out of using them - she agreed that they are kind of fun and that she might start back up too.  I guess a "$10" rebate sounds more impressive than a doubled .50 coupon - even though I did stress you can save $10 and more in a shopping trip and it  is an "immediate" savings - the money doesn't leave your wallet.  The rebate is nice, but you have to spend it first and then wait for a check to arrive.  But that Gift Certificate rebate will be nice for holiday gifts - I think I will use it at Publix and use a $5/$50 competitor coupon to try save even more.  I was up early today; had to take my daughter to school early for a "club" meeting.  Of course, we stopped by Burger King for the free Seattle's Best Coffee - with a shot of my own flavored creamer (Bailey's Caramel - I got 2 bottles this week for .50 each plus tax - on sale at Publix for 2 for $3 and used 2 $1 Blinkies spitting out right next to them) - it is yummy.  This afternoon, the "Theme" Mall is having festivities - free hot chocolate, entertainment, and a tree lighting ceremony.  So, I went on line - I believe the site is called "opentable" to make a reservation for dinner (each reservation through them earns points - after you accumulate enough points - they send you a gift certificate) - and then on to to order a gift certificate for the restaurant - today starts the 80% off - code: Gobble - I went through Mypoints to earn a few more points.  This weekend there are plenty of free/cheap activities.  Yesterday, I called to inquire about a property that had been listed for 4 days on Zillow at almost 50% of the tax value.  I know the area - it is decent - but, I believe in the next 5 years - it will pop because a hospital is being built near it and apparently Target is moving in - and other retailers too.  Wouldn't you know it, it went on contract the night before - it was a VA foreclosure.  The agent was very nice, and tried to steer me to another one of her listings - but, I let her know exactly what we are looking for and she said she would call me when she found any.  I guess you really have to "jump" at the great deals.  I hope she lets me know before they get listed.  Sigh.

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