Sunday, November 7, 2010

11/7 Expressions

Did you "fall back" an hour?  I thought I found a great deal with 50,000 American Airlines miles from Citibank.  My husband got approved for a card offering 75,000 miles yesterday.  He has to spend $1,500 in the next 6 months to get those miles.  No fees for 1 year.  Next month, we plan to charge a few property tax bills - the ones with a flat fee.  So, at this point, we should have enough points (between these bonus points and the points we already have accumulated) for all three of us to fly business class to France this summer.  Now we need to work on getting the rest of the hotel points.  Then our passports, itinerary, etc.  Yesterday, the Publix cashier was so friendly and impressed with my total - I had over $60 in groceries - and after coupons, I paid $16.  This afternoon, I will bake another pumpkin pie - this time, I will put the pumpkin puree into the blender - the last time - it was a bit stringy.  The oven will warm up the house nicely too.  If I have leftover pumpkin mix, may make a few muffins.  I think the hard freeze hit yesterday - I will attempt to plant the mums and pansies this afternoon too.  At the thriftstore yesterday - I was able to get 4 kitchen utensils for $1.  Three of them looked brand new.  Anyway, to get the rest of the condo inventory out of the way - I went ahead and ordered them from  Free shipping and I had a few bucks in credit and the prices were right.  So, now I need to find drapes for the bedroom - I found a coupon in a "Lowes" magazine for 15% off drapes (I need one to block the light out - forgot what they were called already).  I am taking an ACE Hardware $5 off $25 coupon and hope Lowes or Home Depot will accept it as we need to buy a few items such as paint for touch-up, caulking, etc. for the minor maintenance.

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