Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/21 Expressions

We went to Costco's - and this time I fell for a membership.  They were running a special for us - $10 gift card w/membership - or $20 with Executive.  I went with the Executive and the Amex Card - so, I got the $20 GC, $25 Credit Card credit and $50 rebate guarantee.  The way they explained it to me - I get a rebate as a result of the membership - and the card.  Okay - I ended up getting mobile phone services for my daughter also, and will get another $10 gift card and a refund of the activation fee, etc.  We did not make it to the Art Museum's open house.  And here is a scenario for saving $ at Publix.  If you find the two rebate forms - the $10 back on a $50 gift card and the $10 rebate on a turkey - go to customer service and buy a Publix gift card - and mine let me used a $5/$50 competitor's coupon - YMMV on this one.  Then shop for groceries - get a turkey - use another $5/$50 competitor's coupon if you buy $50 plus in groceries and mail in the rebate for the turkey with the grocery receipt.  Publix seems to have the lowest turkey price per/lb so far - .59.  Stretch your dollars .  . .

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