Sunday, March 13, 2011

3/13 Espressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I took the dog to Petsmart and got her the extra-special grooming with the gift card we got for buying our car.   I guess I am looser with the purse strings when the money is "free".  Anyway, she still has enough on the card for 1/2 of another "regular" grooming.  They gave her a toothbrush to take home and a biscuit.  I did pay the groomer a tip out of my purse and before picking the dog up, stopped at the Dollar Tree (in the same complex) for a box of tea.  I sure was tempted to buy a few other things, but really, since I have the house mostly to myself this week, I really don't need much.  This Dollar Tree added a frozen food section - I was tempted by the Luigi's Italian Ice - but decided against it.  So, although I saw a few good deals in today's paper, I have decided to forgo them and use up what I have.  I moved a few concrete borders around to make my raised bed.  I added the compost.  Now, I just need some soil and won't be buying any plants or seeds.  I am just going to plant what I "won" on Listia and whatever seeds I had leftover from years past.  Sure hope they all sprout and provide a plentiful bounty :)  Now, I am going to sand some more of the cabinets and try to get staining by the middle of the week.  I hit the "Y" today and hope to get there every day this week.

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