Thursday, March 3, 2011

More 3/3 Expressions

The counters are installed (just waiting for the plumber to install the faucet - which I didn't know I needed to supply until the counter guys went on lunch break - I ran to Home Depot and got one).  Now I will stain the cabinets myself and change out the hardware and that will be the extent of my re-model.  The kitchen looks lovely.  Oh, and I need to do some heavy duty cleaning - they got dust, etc. on the cabinets.  Also, dinged the paint - which they did inform me of and I said it was okay.  My daughter told me I should have asked for a discount :)  Stock market made my heart pitter-patter today.  My husband called the realtor and let her know that if we do not hear back on our offer within 2 weeks, we will withdraw it and he will move into a rental - and he is not looking any more.  We feel we gave a reasonable offer.  The house is in the location we would like - but it was built in the 60's and it doesn't look much updating went on since then.  Oh, and went clearing out the drawers over the cabinets - I found a bunch of change - I will be rolling those and taking them to the bank.  It is amazine how much junk drawers can hold - and how easily you can forget things - and I "found" a few things too - like a spatula.

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