Friday, March 25, 2011

3/25 Expressions

Hoping to get our rental property rented by 1 Apr.  We called the management company and they are showing it Monday.  Still waiting to hear word on the short-sale.  Sadly, my staycation is coming to an end.  I sure have enjoyed practicing retirement :)  Tomorrow, my daughter and I will get our hair cut and dyed at the new new beauty school.  Yesterday, the other one we used to go to called and said if we booked, they would give a new manicure - sadly - they had no openings for tomorrow.  The newer school charges slightly less too.  I am glad I was lazy and did not start my garden - we had a frost last night.  I am hoping to get it started tomorrow with the "tax" refund added to my Lowes Gift Card for buying it earlier this month.

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