Sunday, March 6, 2011

3/6 Expressions

Here's a great freebie (to try the Cheese Fondue for 2 at The Melting Pot) and I hope you can get in on it too:  I made a reservation for my daughter and myself to eat a free cheese fondue at The Melting Pot.  My daughter has always wanted to try the place - and now we have a reason.  She's had friends who have eaten there and gave it rave reviews.  Only April 11-14 and limited reservations.   When I called for reservations, they reservationist was very pleasant.  I also booked a couple of days at our condo for my daughter, her friend, and I to have a short vacation.  My husband will be baby sitting the dog and keeping the home fires burning.  I need to print out a few Restraurant.Com gift certificates.  I am hoping an 80 % off code pops up soon.   Yesterday I cashed in some Swagbucks for a $5 gift certificate.  My husband removed all of the hardware on the kitchen cabinets - so, now I need to get on it and stain them.  I love the new hardware - will give the kitchen a much "sleeker" look.  Oh, we made a sale on Craigslist yesterday.  So, I will need to go ahead and  hire a handyman to fix the item I had listed on Craigslist.  My Maggie Moo's e-mail for a free child's cone for my birthday expires shortly - so, my daughter and I may make a quick trip - she can have the cone since I had my first accupunture treatment yesterday - seems to be defeating the purpose if I went ahead and ate.  I love the stuff - but so far, I really don't have an appetite - so, I think I can stand watching my daughter eat it.  We will also stop at Victoria's Secret and each use a $10 gift card.  We hope we get a free secret Angel Card with lot's of $$ on them in return.  My daughter tends to spend more than the "freebie" amount - and she has her own allowance.  I generally stick to the freebie - I am hoping for some luxurious bubble bath :)

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