Monday, March 21, 2011

3/21 Expressions

Today I had a facial and it was wonderful.  What made it wonderful - it was more than I expected.  I was told I could use the facilities - whirlpool, sauna, etc. the rest of the day.  Use the "Serenity Room", drink all the tea I wanted.  The facial included a neck massage.  It was very relaxing - and even though I am frugal - I did not take them up on the rest of the stuff - I did have a cup of tea while waiting though.  After that, I hit the "Y" and then headed to Publix.  I purchased a bunch of veggies, honey and fig preserves from a farmer's market on the way home from the beach yesterday.  Wanted to make some butternut soup and was missing some of the ingredients.  I purchased $26 worth of groceries/hba and after rebate, will have spent just over $5.  Tomorrow, I may go get some soil to mix with my compost and get the raised bed planted.

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