Friday, July 13, 2012

7/13 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  The sun peeked through - and we appreciated all of the rain.  Our lawn is almost green again.   I got in on some Groupon deals today:  $5 for $10 worth of yogurt ice-cream, $6 for $12 worth of Chinese food - lunch only, and $9 for Greek meal for 2.  Today, my daughter and I used the yogurt ice-cream - yum.  Tomorrow, we hope to use our livingsocial certificate for a highlight and brow-wax for me - she is hoping they will exchange her brow-wax to a manicure.  Mail was great - more free magazines - Smart Money and Elle.  I also got a few more cherry tomatoes from my "garden".  My husband found a property insurance company to cover our house - premium for a $1000 deductible is high - so, he is going to ask for quotes for $2.5K, $5K, and $10K.  We have also decided to increase our deductible for our other properties.  Since it seems insurance companies will "ding" you for filing for insurance - even though  that is what it is for - it seems they are really not expecting you to file - unless it is catastrophic - so, why pay the premiums for a $1K deductible if they aren't happy to pay-up.  So, that is our money saving tip.  We are considering the deductible for our cars also.  Self insuring for a larger deductible - and savings on the premiums may just be worth it.  My daughter enjoyed her internship.  Now she is thinking she may go into an engineering field instead of medical - right away.  She surmises that she can always go into the medical field with an engineering degree with carefully selected electives if she wants to.  Not much more time for her to embark on that journey.  With the rental check for the condo - we have met her car fund amount - actually, we have exceeded it.  So, probably in a week or two - we will be searching/bargaining for a "new-to-her" car.

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