Sunday, July 1, 2012

7/1 Expressions - Mint, Mint Everywhere

Frugal deeds for the day:  It is boiling hot here - we are predicted to break a temperature record today also.  Anyway, not wanting all of the free mint to go to waste - I made pesto that we ate part of, with pasta, for lunch.  The rest is in the fridge.  Excuse the photo - it is the pesto freshly made in the blender - of course the picture caught images of my hand, the bottom of the blender, etc.  May not look so good, but it was delicious!

Next, I dried the rest of the mint in the microwave.  Made enough for a small container of dried leaves and I made a facial scrub - just need to add water to make a paste - it contains, dried mint, coffee, and oats.

My daughter made some basic white cake and we are going to make a trifle shortly.  Then to Ulta - we are going to buy some Dermalogica - yes it is a luxury - but the deal is:  spend $60, get a free facial worth $40 and a full sized moisturizer apparently worth $90.  We also plan to stop at Barnes and Noble a few stores down and use a BOGO latte (iced today) and read some magazines.  We should stay really cool in the stores.  I wanted to start some kind of craft this weekend, but between trying to frugally water the plants - the peaches are looking almost ripe to pick - even though they are small - and moving the pepper and tomato plants to a bit shadier area - I really haven't made the time to start anything else.

But in personal financial news - we were going to go through American Airlines shopping link and buy something small since my daughter's account is a couple of months away from going dormant for lack of activity.  Happily, there is a 100 mile freebie - by entering a contest - and I entered for all three of us - so, our accounts should be good for another 18 months!  And, we didn't have to buy anything :)

Read todays paper - nothing caught my eye.  I really need to stock up on toothpaste - but haven't found a really great deal yet.

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