Sunday, July 15, 2012

7/15 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  This afternoon, I picked the pears from my pear tree.  There were about 10 - but for some reason, ants seem to love them.  The ants are like pirhana (sp) - one was one the ground and they had eaten and were still eating it to the core.  Two on the tree had little swarms on them eating away.  So, they are not very big - but, if they are good enough for the ants - they will be good enough for me.  Yesterday, my daughter and I used our livingsocial coupons for the $18 highlights and brow waxing at the beauty school.  Today, we went to the mall and used the Bath and Body Works coupon for a small "Love, Paris" lotion - free!  Then we walked around for exercise - we did go into a few stores - but did not buy anything - until we got to the frozen yogurt place - and we decided to get a small cup of self serve - yummy on a very hot day.  Then to Barnes and Noble for another treat and BOGO iced latte and we read magazines.  I also won a few auctions on shopgood this weekend!  Mainly sunglasses and scarves - a nice watch/necklace/earrings - a set - my best bargain for $5 plus shipping :)  They were still NIB.  The jewelry was costume jewelry - but for $5 bucks total - a lot of bling :) - well enough for me.

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