Monday, July 9, 2012

7/9 Expressions

Frugal deeds:  Yesterday, my daughter and I decided NOT to go to the auction.  As much as we really wanted to, it just didn't make sense.  We are trying to declutter - and have many projects we have yet to start or finish - so, why get more stuff - even if it is a great deal.  So, instead, we did some coupon shopping.  We went to Pier 1 Imports with my $5 gift certificate and some coupons - got the last of the 2 Scroll Carved picture frames I have been wanting and buying as I have coupons.  We even saw a gorgeous mosaic, extra-large mirror on clearance which would have been a great bargain - but alas, we couldn't think of a place to put it - so, we admired it in the store and left with our planned purchase picture frames.  Then to CVS.  I had my discounted giftcard, coupons and rolled ecbs twice - 3 register transactions so, I still have money left on my giftcard and ended up with a bunch of Scott TP - something I hate buying with "my money" - but something we refuse to do with out :)  Also got my 2 toothpastes, 5 Garnier hair products, freebie candy, mints, feminine products, and more.  Funny thing is, I thought a lady was stalking us . . . finally, when we went to the register to look for the free after ecb candy - she said, "are you looking for the free after ecb candy too"?  I said yes, then she said, "do you follow any coupon websites"?  I said not really - but I do do look for general money saving deals - and she proceeded to tell me about her website that she and a friend update with current national and local coupons.  So, I plan to check-out her site.  Then on to Kroger - we stocked up on a bunch of Manager Specials on Organic items.  My daughter is taking her lunch everyday this week to her intership program.  I am so proud of my chickadee :)  (And a little sad too - as she will eventually leave the coup).

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