Friday, August 22, 2008

8/22 Expressions

Today is another day I am grateful to have health insurance. My daughter had a bump on the bottom of her foot. I thought she stepped on glass or something. She said she didn't remember stepping on anything. Turns out it is a Planter's Wart and will be "burned" off. It will be interesting to see what that "would" have cost. Today in the mail, I finally got the 1/2 price gift certificates to 2 local restaurants that I got from a local radio station's website. Also got a rebate check from Rite Aid. I may get another load to go to the consignment store for next week. It is nice to declutter and I can always add that $ to the condo principle fund. We get paid next week. So, I will make another "principle only" payment on the condo. Want that paid off before both or either of us "retire" next year. My local Publix must not be getting much business. Last weekend was probably be my last trip there. The assistant manager checked my groceries out. He grilled me on just about every coupon I handed him - looking for reasons he didn't have to take them. Good thing I pointed out the information on the coupons to him and he begrudingly took them. The only coupon he refused to take was a competitor's coupon. He said he could refuse to take them at his discretion. Little does he know, I shop at Publix at my discretion and will be shopping at Kroger from now on. I will say, he could probably tell I was a bit disappointed with him, and to make light of things in the end, he did say I was a "smart shopper". Since I didn't have anything nice to say, I didn't say anything at all.

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