Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8/4 Expressions

Entertainment: I was looking at our local museum website today and noticed that they had free membership events posted. Next Saturday, a picnic with food, fun, and games. Our membership expired a couple of months ago, but this picnic is also a membership drive. So, this is where we will be heading for lunch. In the afternoon, our local botanical garden is having a fun festival too. Our membership there expired, so, we will be renewing both. Both have nice events during the year, and we enjoy visiting and they have reciprocity with other museums/botanical gardens - so, a bargain for us. I mentioned earlier that I am a BUZZ AGENT - I signed up for the ZAPPIT Game System - specifically designed for family entertainment. We have been anxiously awaiting the system and it arrived today :) The company included an additional game in the packet, so, we got a total of 7 family friendly games. Nice discount coupons to pass out too. What a nice company!

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