Sunday, August 24, 2008

8/24 Expressions

Bargains: To be in the rental program, our condo gets an annual inspection, which should be coming up soon. Let's just say the patio furniture we inherited with the unit made it through last year, but I seriously doubt it will make it through this year's inspection. Also, it is very hard to find patio furniture in December when we plan to make any adjustments to the decor or repairs. So, today, I went through Mypoints to Overstock (10 points per dollar spent) and found just what I was looking for. Next, I googled Overstock Coupons and found a 10 percent off code. Went back to Overstock and bought a nice metal and glass patio table, only 4 left, 6 metal/cushioned chairs, and a metal chaise lounger. I am sure the retail prices were inflated, but if they were true, I would have paid $1,375, plus some hefty shipping charges to spiff up the balcony of our rental condo. With coupon and including the $2.95 shipping to the location, I paid just under $350. Plus, I will be getting close to 3,500 Mypoints, enough for a $25 giftcard and I used my Chase Freedom Card for an additional 1% back in cash to help me get to a rebate of $200, which can be redeemed for a bonus of $250. And of course, since this is a business expense, there will be a deduction involved also.

Rebate Forms: Beer companies are sure generous. A lady at work gave me a form, that is good in limited states for a $20 rebate when you purchase $40 worth of groceries. No beer purchase required. I shopped at Kroger yesterday, using only a few coupons, mainly for a free can of dog food and a few free SOBE drinks. I got all of my veggies, fruits, meat, etc. After coupons, $65, after rebate, $45. Not bad at all as if you keep your eyes peeled at Kroger, there are "close-out" sale prices and "manager specials" that help stretch a buck. My husband also loves those bottled coffee drinks. I found Kroger brand "close-outs" for $2.49 for 4 bottles. So, he got several 4 packs in this shopping trip.

Travel: Fall break is coming up for my daughter. We haven't traveled as much as we used to. So, here is what is brewing: Since my husband and I signed up for the American Airlines card and now we are thinking of slipping our Hawaii trip to next fall break, we can probably redeemed miles for a domestic flight each. My husband will probably have to go to Miami during that week for business - how sad. So, why not turn it in to a fall break vacation? My daughter and I can fly down on "free" tickets, stay 1 night with DH while he conducts business and we can redeem some hotel points for the additional nights we will be there. We think we will probably stay around South Beach. Just getting our thoughts together to try and get this planned. Hopefully, all the stars will align, and it will happen.

Consignment: I called the consignment store's hot line last night and they are only accepting 10 items per customer. So, I have my 10 items ready to taken in next week.

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