Wednesday, August 27, 2008

8/27 Expressions

Freecycle: I responded to another ad and will be digging up varigated lirope and lilies this week.

Mail: Yesterday, I got a $10 Home Depot giftcard from a Publix "deal". May get some yard/garden items in my quest to spruce up the yard a bit.

Bonding Time: A local spa is hosting make-up sessions with free make-up. There is a reservation charge of $25. However, the $25 is credited toward any additional make-up purchase. So, I made an appointment for my daughter and I. Of course, we will be making additional make-up purchases to use up the reservation charge. I am not normally a big make-up spender. Most of make-up is purchased free after rebate or on sale with a coupon. So, this is a splurge that we shall enjoy together.

Rental Management: The owner of the rental management company for a couple of rental properties we own in town passed away in March. Her son has decided he no longer wants to run the company and is selling. So, we will be switching companies this Friday. We called around and wow - some charge hefty fees just to be in their rental program - a "set-up" fee to the tune of $350 for each property. I don't think so.

Condo pay-down: We will be making another nice principle pay down this week. We are still hoping to pay the property off by next fall. Also, since the next inspection is coming up - I am thinking the lamps in the bedroom are not proportional. I see the local "Old Time Pottery" is having a nice sale on large lamps. Under $30 a piece for regular retail of $8X dollar lamps. I will see if they are suitable for our purposes too. A little bit of pre-planning and help to save quite a bit.

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