Saturday, August 23, 2008

8/23 Expressions

Recycling: I noticed we have 6 empty printer cartridges sitting around. One of my daughter's teachers is asking for donations of color copying paper. Today, we will make a stop at Staples and see what we can do to accommodate that request. She also asked for other supplies. Looking through my stash of office supplies purchased in the last couple of years during sales, I found quite a bit to donate. This contributes to my effort to declutter also.

Fast Cash?: I read on several blogs about ways to make fast cash. The one that pops up occasionally is donating blood plasma. Sure enough, we have a donation center in the area. I called to get some information. I don't know if they all operate this way, or if the current economic situation has anything to do with it, but the person answering the phone said they don't take appointments. She said, "you need to come early because it is first come, first serve" and she said if you don't get in on the first round, you can come back at noon when they open for the next group. Then she said, the first appointment takes 4 hours because you have to go through a physical before you donate. I guess that is a good thing. Then she said, they can't use your plasma unless you donate at least twice a week. She also said the maximum number of times you can donate is three. She said, that is why "we pay you $25 for the first donation and $45 for the second donation". Apparently the whole process takes at least 1.5 hours. How did I find this place? I googled "Plasma Donation Center".

American Airlines Credit Card: It is always great when a business beats your expectations! I just got my first bill for using the credit card. I was told/read that it takes 6-10 weeks after charging $750 for the 25,000 mile bonus to post. Can you believe it, the miles have already posted. Now we just need the few miles for my daughter's account to post. We purchased through an American Airlines Advantage partners link to purchase a winter jacket for her. The jacket got here yesterday, and I am hoping her miles post just as quickly. It will make planning a little less hectic with more time on our side. Funny thing is, my husband and I were thinking of splurging and flying first class by using our miles for the upgrade. If we did that, our daughter has enough miles. But she is the one insisting that it isn't worth the extra money and we might as well fly coach for free. Mind you, my husband and I are frugal, but this trip coincides with the year of our 20th wedding anniversary. So, we shall "see".

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