Saturday, February 12, 2011

2/12 Expressions

This week I have started an another adventure on Craigslist.  Now that I have some experience under my belt and have sold a few items, I want to try the barter feature.  I need some work done on my home, I want to trade away stuff I don't need.  It would be great to get the work done - and declutter some more.  Last night I checked RESTAURANT.COM out to use the 80% off code - LOVE.  For so long, we've only had one or two restaurants listed for this area.  Well, lo and behold, there are now 6 or 7.  So, since Valentine's Day is Monday, we are celebrating with lunch out with the gift certificate I purchased.  I went through MYPOINTS for a few points - I am getting close to being able to redeem for a $10 Gift Card soon.  Since the restaurant is close to Plato's Closet, we will drop off some of my daughter's no longer wanted clothes and eat lunch.  Hopefully, they will have assessed her clothes by the time we are done with lunch.  Then we plan to stop at Costco for a few grocery items and gas.  Then Earth Fare as they have two great coupons out - "Free Dinner" with a $10 purchase and free Truffles with a $5 purchase.  That should round out our grocery needs for next week.

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