Thursday, February 3, 2011

2/3 Expressions

My husband was offered a job in a small town.  Houses are a lot cheaper and there appears to be a good public school system in the area.  I am wondering if we could sell the house, buy one there and bank the rest for education/emergency/freedom expenses/accounts?  I could spend more time being frugal; crafting; etc.  We will need to give it some thought.  We sold another item on Craigslist - we did have a few people flake out.  We hope to sell one more - and have a looky Lou tomorrow.  In today's mail, I got a rebate.  I will do some coupon shopping tomorrow and try to stay way under the budget.  Also, the insurance adjust will be showing up to see what is causing the leak in the roof (we just had it replaced last year).  I am wondering if the spate of bad weather we have been having had something to do with it.  Not sure what else I will have planned for tomorrow.

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