Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/8 Expressions

I got 10 First Class postage stamps in the mail - for being a "mail decoy".  My filling fell out of a tooth - so, I must see the dentist.  The insurance adjuster finalized our claim for our ceiling damage from the winter freeze we had.  Now if the roofing company will fix the problem - hopefully, this won't be a problem.  Our rental property should be ready to rent shortly.  The tenants - the gentleman lived there 10 years - he just re-married two years ago, left the place in good shape.  The rental manager is just going to have the capets cleaned.  Stock market has been nice lately - hoping the trend continues.  We had 3 buyers flake out on the latest Craigslist item - so, we have called Salvation Army to pick it up.  Picked up 3 free bagels today.

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