Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/22 Expressions

Frugal Deeds for the day:  My daughter won a poster contest - and a savings bond - it will go toward her education :)  UPS delivered my painting supplies.  Now, I just need to find paint and stain on sale.  I think my daughter has convinced herself that sewing can be a good skill to have.  Some of the styles she likes are very simple.  She can make simple shirts cheaper than buying them.  Yesterday, I sent in a refund for Snapple 6-pack and the stuff tastes pretty good.  I used to do a lot more rebates.  Then quit.  Know they seems to be everywhere again.  Oh, and Publix has a good deal on the gelato (sp) that my daughter loves - it is BOGO and I have a competitor's coupon - making it $1.35 per container :)  So, tomorrow, I will go to Publix and get her gelato, the penny item, my free Coffee-mate and whatever else I may need to get the total to $10 before coupons to qualify for the penny item.

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