Friday, February 18, 2011

2/18 Expressions

Loot from yesterday:  My daughter was able to get almost $25 worth of nice smelling stuff from Bath and Body Works by just being a member of the I LUV BBW month freebie club and she had another coupon that was attached to something that gave her another free product.  All were travel sized - 2 lotions, 1 body spray, and 1 body wash.  Then to Barnes and Noble where we used the BOGO drink coupon.  We could not pick up the freebie from ULTA because the promotion doesn't start until Sunday.  So, since we were running out time for the credit union meeting, we skipped Victoria's Secret for the free panty too.  The credit union meeting was a first for us and we have been a member for a long time.  Although the lines were long, the event itself was well timed.  The appetizers were wonderful - more like an meal and dessert was included.  They also served Starbucks coffee and fresh lemonade - too bad we didn't wait for our Starbucks because the freebie was just as good :)  Meeting was interesting and quick.  Door prizes - $100 bills - we did not win, the grand prize was $600; we each walked away with a nice fleece blanket.  This morning, I dropped my daughter off at school and then hit the "Y" for the circuit training the personal trainer set up for me.  I will probably cook-up a storm; and clean a tiny bit today. 

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