Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25 Expressions

Mail call:  I got a sample of Ojon hair serum - for the frizzies - just in time with this humid weather.  I also got $7 in coupons from Crest - on dental floss, tooth paste, and tooth brush.  I also want to downsize in case we decide to put the house up for sale this summer.  A co-worker mentioned someone close to her needs a chest of drawers - we have one we can give up.  Sent a picture - hope they take it.  In a couple of week - our neighborhood is having a yardsale - can't wait to get rid of more stuff.  Since my husband and daughter are in charge - I asked that they price stuff to "go" - not what they think it is worth.  Nice to have $ in the pocket, but also nice to get rid of junque - hopefully a treasure to someone else.

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