Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4/4 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today's photo is a picture of the lone Iris that bloomed - but as you can see, plenty more will follow.  Irises are my favorite flower - and I got the bulbs for shipping only.  Such a frugal bargain :)  I took the day off - and for a day off - I kept pretty busy.  Of course I am behind in housework - don't know if I will ever catch-up, but I got some done today.  I also started to do some auction item maintenance - namely, washing the cushion covers for the cushions that fit on the bamboo couch I got at the auction.  I also "sunned" the cushions outside - great weather for that.  I also put the carpet outside and got most of the dust out of it with my swiffer pole.   I listed 4 items on ebay - out with the junque - and in with some cash for the Paris fun money - I hope.  I also listed another item on Listia.  I cooked up a storm - my daughter loved the vegetarian burritos I made, more curry, and brocolli/chicken/rice dish for myself.  Nothing exciting came in the mail - my husband should be happy as he will have purchased shares at a lower price that I did for our retirement funds.  Why did we decide to go a little less conservative - because, we are hoping we have lots of years to live and won't need the money for a long time.  Did I mention I went to CVS to get paper products for my husband with the $10 Gift card I earned and some coupons - hmmm - I got sucked into some coconut M&M's and Russel Stover Coconut creme eggs - there are atleast two people in this family who love coconut .  . . out of pocket was $7.  Then over to Kroger to pick-up a few things and I was going to go to Wal-mart because a few items are a bit cheaper there.  When I saw that gas prices went up another ten cents in less than a week - I didn't think it was worth it to drive to Wal-mart to save a few cents - so, I got my items at Kroger - found a few great manager's specials - like .25 Greek Yogurt, etc. But I also filled up the tank at Kroger since they usually have the same price as Wal-mart - and who knows how much it will go up in the next few days. :(  Okay - I know gas prices are higher outside of the US - but still, this steep climbing is alarming.  Just saw - I think yesterday that the big 3 auto makers made a good profit - hmmm, wonder how this gas climb will affect that?  Oh and yippee - I just brought my cushions and carpet in, and now there is a big thunderstorm - free lawn watering :)

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