Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured above are my organic soybean sprouts - just planted them a few days ago.  I also planted some free flower seeds and lavender in the front yard planter boxes.  I did some pruning and weeding - and still have some more to do - but it was fun being the gardener for the day.  My husband did not hang the wall hangings - but promises to do so tomorrow.  Today - he sanded down 2 doors that are "scraping" the floor - nice to have a "free" handyman :)  We also filed/mailed the tax amendment and hopefully, we will get a bit back from the amount we paid to the Feds.  I sold 1 item on Listia - and completed a few freebie offers to earn a few more points.  I should be earning a bunch of points shortly because I just completed a Yves Rocher order - that's my Mother's Day gift from my husband :)  I ordered a bunch of hair shampoos/products and bath products - and I love the freebies - a foot "spa" kit and a fresh water pearl set - necklace/ring/earrings.  Tomorrow, my daughter wants me to take her to the bookstore and is buying a coffee for me on her - with her gift card that she won for doing so well on the science test.  I am hoping Michaels has a few nice coupons out tomorrow so that I can get a few supplies with my discounted gift card - push pins for jewelry cork board, etc.

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