Friday, April 27, 2012

4/27 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Wow - that was fast - we got one of our state tax refunds today.  I called to find out if I could get a discount for our condo rental because the building is not under an "all in" insurance plan - too bad - we don't.  I had fun shopping at Pier 1 with a coupon and discounted gift card - no additional monies out - may take a picture of the stuff tomorrow.  Lots of grocery shopping - Aldi, Kroger and the Dollar Tree.  We are stocked and should not be tempted to grocery shop.  The cleaning service came out today (livingsocial coupon) - they did a great job :)  So, to stay out of their way - I went to Barnes and Noble - read a magazine and picked up Bogo drinks.  I listed two more items on Listia - and I purchased a shirt for my daughter - used all my points - but no shipping.  Need to do some more arranging and cleaning - just in case we decide to sell the place this summer.  I have started applying for jobs out of state - in states that my daughter wants to attend college.  It will help to be in-state - and I think it would be a wash as far as cost of living.  I am hoping by the sale of this house and downsizing - we can beef up her college fund even more and still be able to retire eventually :)

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