Friday, October 12, 2012

10/12 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  To beef up my work wardrobe, I placed an order at Coldwater Creek today using code NFA7657 in the Outlet.  So, not only did I get an extra 50% on each item, I also got $30 off for spending $100.  I went thru ebates for an additional 2% back - on my AMEX card so that I can get the $500 bonus.  Today, I went to the beauty school and got my hair cut styled, facial, and free parafin hand wax.  I also made a trip to Rite Aid - as we needed saline solution for our contacts.  I have a discounted RA giftcard - so, just used it.  Since I fill all of our RX's at RA - I have enough points to get a 20% discount on everything.  I was looking at my receipt and was marveling at that discount.  Now I am wondering if I can get a 20% on giftcards there and use my AMEX card for further benefits.  And if the 20% works on giftcards - that would be a great way to buy them since it seems people in my daughter's age group seem to like giftcards for birthday gifts.

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